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Brichtmark Music

Exclusive Distribution Brichtmark Music Brichtmark Music was founded in 1996 by three veterans of music publishing: Susan Brailove, Clifford Richter, and Henson Markham. The purpose of this venture was to build a list of worthwhile "classical" and educational books and music, all well engraved and beautifully designed and printed. The result is a growing catalog of choral music and books which have met critical acclaim. Composers and authors include Jeffrey Bishop, Jay Elfenbein, Jameson Marvin, Brock McElheran, Steven Powell, and Hilary Tann.

The entire Brichtmark catalog is stocked at Elkin and available for immediate dispatch. To find out more about Brichtmark Music, including product description, visit the website To place an order for Brichtmark titles, Click Here.

Partitura-Verlag Music

Exclusive Distribution Partitura-Verlag Music Founded by Swiss violist Stephanie Gurtner, Partitura-Verlag was established with the novel concept of publishing standard duos, trios, and quartets in score format for all players. There are many advantages to this approach, which include most obviously the ability for all players to see the complete score at a glance and to gain an overview of the work from the very first sight-reading. Editions of duos for solo instrument and piano provide the piano score in small print along with the soloist's part. In trios and quartets, each player reads the entire score with individual parts highlighted. Special attention is given to page turning. This means, all players - not just pianists - have access to the full score and are no longer at a disadvantage in rehearsals and performances.

Partitura-Verlag publications provide a welcome alternative for professionals and amateurs alike and are very useful tools in the field of music education. For more information about Partitura-Verlag and to see sample scores, visit the website To order Partitura-Verlag titles, Click Here.

St. Francis Music Publications

Exclusive Distribution St. Francis Music Founded in 2001 by double bassist Lucas Drew, editor, and harpist and editor of harp publications Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup, St. Francis Music Publications is dedicated to enhancing the repertoire for double bass, cello, harp, and string ensembles. Since its inception more than ninety works have been published for double bass and piano (harp), harp, unaccompanied bass, and string ensembles. Approximately ten new works are added to the catalogue each year. Also available from St. Francis Music are three Double Bass Sampler CD's, primarily designed for students and teachers.

A fundamental philosophy of the St. Francis Music catalog is that the study of original and transcribed compositions is necessary for the complete education of the double bassist. Original solos and etudes are the foundations of the double bass literature; however, transcribed works of the masters offer students as well as professionals a glimpse into each composer's world. Insight into the orchestral repertoire is also enhanced. All players have the potential to become better musicians for having studied transcriptions, whether or not they are ever performed in public. Janet Clippard serves as Associate Editor of double bass publications.

Seven volumes of original harp solos, transcriptions, and arrangements by Edward Vito, Toscanini's solo harpist, have been compiled and edited by Valerie Von Pechy Whitcup. It is the first time that these works have been made available to the public. Vito's daughter, Elaine Vito Ricci, chose St. Francis Music Publications to publish her father's music. More titles from Mr. Vito's vast library will be added to the St. Francis catalog over the next two years. The series is entitled From the Library of Edward Vito.

For more information about St. Francis Music Publications visit the website To place an order for St. Francis Music titles, Click Here.