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Importing Foreign Editions

We specialize in supplying imported editions of classical sheet music and books on music to retail and wholesale customers, and our goal is to make all sheet music, classical and other, from around the world more readily available to American musicians. If you have had difficulty elsewhere trying to reliably buy classical sheet music online or by phone, please contact us for assistance. We often are able to help when other sources have said “out of print,” “not available,” “not known,” “reprinting,” “out of stock,” “we can't find it,” etc. The classical sheet music publishing world changes rapidly and there is much misinformation that can lead to incorrect responses regarding the availability of international music publishers (and even domestic music publishers) and their catalogs, or of specific pieces of classical sheet music. We are extremely knowledgeable about the catalogs of foreign music publishers and hope to be your first and primary source for classical sheet music online or by phone. A list of some of the international music publishers' catalogs we supply may be found here.

"We don't have the time or resources to deal with importing music, so we are grateful for the role Elkin plays. When we received your shipment of music from a very small, unknown British publisher, our customer was thrilled!"
Retail Music Store Buyer, California

Exporting Domestic Editions

We supply retail and wholesale customers around the globe with all the sheet music, classical or other, they may need from the United States, and our goal is to make all sheet music, classical or other, from the United States more readily available to foreign musicians. We deal with virtually all American sheet music publishers, and are especially happy to assist with any classical music sheet publication which may have proven difficult for customers in other countries to get. Even in today's global marketplace, some American classical music sheet publishers' products are not readily obtainable, and we are especially happy to help in these circumstances. We are happy to ship directly to you or to your appointed shipping agent in the U.S. A list of some of the domestic classical music sheet catalogs we supply may be found here.

"Since so many American publishers have no European distributor, we find your prompt and reliable service invaluable in obtaining the various publications we need for our customers."
Retail Music Store Buyer, Germany

Wholesale Distribution

We are committed to helping retail sheet music dealers acquire the sheet music, classical or other, they need as easily, economically, and expediently as possible. Since 1993 buyers from retail sheet music stores around the world have come to Elkin not only for the obscure or hard-to-find music publications but also as a “one-stop-shopping” jobber for virtually all their classical sheet music needs, regardless of the publisher. With today's rising shipping costs, there are many benefits to having a central source for a wide array of products, especially those of international music publishers. We offer dealer discounts on virtually every product we sell. We are a member of the Retail Print Music Dealers Association.

"It's not just the obscure material – it's the much-needed service you provide by making all foreign publications so much more convenient to get. Thanks for being there."
Retail Music Store Buyer, Pennsylvania

Retail Sales

We welcome orders for sheet music, classical or other, and books on music from individuals, churches, libraries, schools, ensembles, and organizations.

"I had tried for over 10 years to get a copy of Sorabji's ‘Opus clavicembalisticum.' A friend suggested I contact you, and in almost no time I had the score. As far as I'm concerned, Elkin has proved itself once and for all."
Pianist, New York


Tim Sloan, the owner of Elkin Music International, holds academic and performance degrees in music from Furman University, The College-Conservatory of Music of the University of Cincinnati, and the Thornton School of Music of the University of Southern California. As a professional performer, teacher, researcher, and businessman, Dr. Sloan offers a knowledge base that is unsurpassed in the business of supplying classical sheet music. He knows music literature, performance practices, terminology, editorial issues, and other concerns from a musician's perspective and is able to offer pertinent advice and information so often lacking elsewhere. These assets, along with his many years of experience in the classical sheet music publishing and distribution industry, comprise a repository of knowledge and insight regarding the sources, choices, and availability of classical sheet music that is exceptionally informative and reliable. For a resource you can always count on, please contact Tim if you have any questions regarding the sheet music, classical or other, that you need.

"You are an incredible resource for us when we present our concert series to critical and public acclaim each year. Because of your expertise, we are able to perform incredibly beautiful works which are seldom, if ever, heard elsewhere because of the obscurity of the scores. Thank you so much!"
Chamber Music Ensemble, D.C.

The Personal Touch

In an age of internet commerce and one-click buying, we at Elkin Music International believe there is still room for personal communication and interaction. Whether your preferred method of business is phone, fax, snail mail, or internet, your interest in our business, our services, and our products is always important to us. We value our relationships with our customers and always strive to be helpful and courteous. Never hesitate to contact us for a personal response to your questions or concerns.

"I appreciate being able to speak with a real person who knows what he's talking about when I call Elkin Music. It's a bonus that I feel we have established a friendship in our many conversations over the years. It's always a pleasure talking with you."
Retail Music Store Buyer, Massachusetts